You may have heard by now that the paper counterpart of the driving licence has been abolished, so this means that any penalty points after the 8th June 2015 will be recorded electronically, and not printed or written on the photo car licence.  This information will be held on the DVLA’s driver record electronically and can be checked online.


For us to allow any customer to use one of our courtesy cars we will need to check all licences in the new way. The customers responsibly will be to ensure an access code is available. To do this all customers will need to access www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence.

You will need to fill in the information and gain the access code, clicking on the tab:

We will require the access code and the last 8 digits of your driving licence, so we are able to check the database. This information will need to be given to us before we deliver the courtesy car, but no more than 21 days before.

When we do deliver the courtesy car you will need to make sure that your driving licence is available for our driver to check.


View or share your driving licence information – GOV.UK

Find out what information DVLA holds about your driving licence or create a check code to share your driving record (e.g. to hire a car)